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Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)Breathe by Abbi Glines
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hmm...I'm not really sure what I think...

I read the first "YA" version of this book in like December of 2011, and knowing me, I probably gave it five stars. Which compared to this version it may have deserved those five.

Abbi Glines added some sexy scenes to this version, but I felt that they didn't fit at all.

First of all, this book as a young adult genre fit way better than new adult. I kind of wish I didn't pay 9 dollars and something for this version!! :/

I didn't like Sadie, at all... I mean, she is 'raising' her mother and all and has like a good head on her shoulders (which is good and responsible of her), but she is sooooo mother effing boring...

Her point of view and her thoughts were just...I don't even freaking know. She was way WAY to naive to be rubbin' up on Jax's junk.


Jax? Sorry, but he was way too formal to be a rockstar...for me, anyway. Although, he is a teen rockstar, so actually it was good that he wasn't like all those other teen rockers or singers or actors that are floating around Hollywood today...but I guess I felt he acted too old for his age...wise beyond his years.

I mean, he's hot...but he really didn't do anything for me...which is friggin' weird because I know back in 2011 when I was just a wee child I loved this book. :/ Maybe I've read way too many books and can now tell the difference between a good book and a really good book?!

I'm not against, insta-love, per se that means?! lol but I definitely rolled my eyes at their love connection...

It didn't seem real and Sadie was just like soooo in love with him and all she really knew about him was that he didn't show the world the 'real' Jax...She knew the 'real' Jax. Ya know, the one who is sweet to little girl fans and kisses them on the forehead and the one who likes Little League Big Chew or whatever that gum is called...and that was all. She fell in love with him over two qualities???

And Sadie was Jax's 'air'...

Can I have some crackers with that cheese, please? seriously, I'm not trying to be mean, but this book should have stayed a cheesy YA book because I obviously loved it as a YA.

Forcing the sexy and sex scenes in was not good...they felt out of place and, well...forced.

I love Abbi Glines' writing -like the Vincent boys and the Existence Trilogy, as well as Because of Low, While it Lasts, & Just for Now- but this book, well this new version didn't work for me. :/